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For the Price of a Cup of Coffee or a Bottle of Wine....If Everyone Gives a Little....We can Accomplish A Lot!

Let's Keep the Music in the Park Alive for Future Generations!

Local Artist ~ Riley Jane Richmond, Kickin' Off Our Very First Concert!
Receive FREE dinner ticket* when You Become a Member!
*$25/mo level and up, 12 month commitment. Pick up your wrist band at our next event.

Are YOU a VIP!

Become a Member of

Sounds of Swenson

As a Member of Sounds of Swenson, You Will Be Helping Save This Park for Future Generations

It takes a village to succeed in a cause of this magnitude and importance. You can feel GREAT knowing your monthly contribution will leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren. 

To Save Swenson and other local parks and venues, we all need to do our part.

Consider becoming a contributing member of Sounds of Swenson, so we can keep bringing our local artists out to enjoy and preserve our heritage and green space.

See our Members Below. Thank You!

If a single donation fits in your budget right now, that's great too! Pick What Works for You...

Or Send Checks to Sounds of Swenson ~ 2087 Grand Canal Blvd., #5

Stockton, Ca 95207

Thank You for Your Support!

VIP Members ~ Sounds of Swenson

Monthly Recurring Donation $10 or More.

Wear Your VIP Wrist Band Proudly!
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For the Price of a Cup of Coffee....If Everyone Gives a Little Bit....We Can Accomplish A Lot.

Eugene Fuss $10

Sally McKnight $10

Cynthia Long $25

John Fox $25

Karen Migliori $10

Andrea Osborn $10

Kimberly Ray $10

Tabatha Hoak $25

Terry Trucco $10


Cynthia Dubrutz

Yvette Davis

Merle J. Baldwin

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