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Swenson Golf Course RFP ~ Request For Proposal

Is Swenson Saved? You be the judge! We don't think so. The City of Stockton issued an RFP to placate the outpouring of protest over any proposal to sell Swenson to developers. A Request for Proposal is an official public offering to any "would be" tenants to make a proposal to lease the golf course and run it for a profit.

Swenson Golf Course Request for Proposal Document

Real Estate Can Be Sold by the Owner at Any Time Without Consideration to the Tenant.

Any tenant occupying any real estate, whether residential or commercial is just that: someone who rents the property. The owner of any property can sell the property at any time. In this case, all it takes is 4 votes of the city council and the property, Swenson Park and Golf Course, is sold. The tenant has no say in this and can either stay and continue to lease the property or with notice, be asked to leave.

Per the RFP, any tenant could be asked to vacate the premises with 180 days notice. Here is the the section which refers to this:

1.22 UNCONDITIONAL TERMINATION FOR CONVENIENCE The City may terminate the resultant agreement for convenience by providing one hundred eighty (180) calendar days’ advance notice unless otherwise stated in writing.

Great News ~ Since the Save Swenson movement has started, the golf course revenue has jumped substantially. I've even heard that Swenson may be out of the red and into the black, actually making a profit. I am very interested to see how it all shakes out. The reasons given to the community to sell the property, city subsidies, is becoming a mute point. What will they come up with next to convince us that it must be sold?

Sounds of Swenson, Friends of Swenson and Save Swenson seek to educate and inform you, so you may make the important decisions which affect your life and bank account. Please read the post article "Why Save Swenson," for more information about the negative impact of selling Swenson.

You may read a copy of the entire RFP document here:

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