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Show Us Your Stuff


Want to show off your business, arts, crafts and merchandise? We want YOU!

Vendor opportunities available at Sounds of Swenson Concerts.

Details and Downloadable Application Below:
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Vendor Application


All Vendors/Sponsors are required to obtain a Permit from the City of Stockton ~ $50 fee per year. See below for details.

  • Food Vendor ~ Provide food at Sounds of Swenson Concert(s). A minimum of 20% of gross proceeds to be donated to Sounds of Swenson, or (amount): _______________$/%, payable within 1 week after event. More is always appreciated.

  • Arts & Crafts Vendors ~ Set up your arts and crafts or merchandise booth at our event. $25 reservation to Sounds of Swenson per company. You may donate a portion or all of your proceeds to Sounds of Swenson at your discretion. If % is more than $25, fee will be waived. To secure  your spot, please include $25 check with your application made to Sounds of Swenson. Donations will be due either the evening of, at conclusion of event or within 1 week of event. Each event stands alone.


IMPORTANT: Set up at event starts at 3:30pm and will be subject to City and possibly County Health Inspection. You must be present for inspection or your position and fee will be forfeit (per Parks and Recreation Department.) Sounds of Swenson staff will designate where your booth/table will be placed. All efforts will be made to accommodate your desired placement, however, staff will have final say. You may be required to provide proof of liability insurance, depending on the nature of your business. Event begins at 5pm. If you are late, (past set up time and inspection) your opportunity and application fee will be forfeit . Contact Roger Hahn at 209.603.7147 in the event you have a problem.

Company: _____________________________________________________

First and Last Name: _____________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________City: __________________ Zip: _______

Contact Person: _________________________ Owner: ________________________

Office Phone: ________________________ Cell: _______________________

I agree to the above and hold harmless Sounds of Swenson for acts of nature

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or any other unforeseeable event which could cause me, my associates, customers or my business harm regardless of the nature or source, including negligence on behalf of staff, volunteers or guests.


We have been advised to procure liability insurance for this event, at our discretion. We also agree to allow Sounds of Swenson to take photos/videos and to promote us at their discretion.

I am the owner of this business, or authorized representative.

X: _____________________________________ Date: ______________

AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE _____________________________

Print Name Here: _______________________________


Thank You for your participation. WE are delighted and Excited to have you on board for this amazing community event. Our goal is to promote your business and give you a positive presence for a cause which effects all of our Stockton residents. Save Swenson!


Warmly, Sounds of Swenson Board of Directors


City of Stockton Parks and Recreation ~ Laura Garcia

Phone: 209.937.8119 or 209.430.0643


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